Trade Up

Senior Trade Up

April 2 - 3, 2019 



What is Trade Up?

The mission of Trade Up is to rid our campus of shirts from other universities and inspire Bobcat Pride in all students, faculty, and staff.  Since it started in 2005, the Trade Up program has given out over 30,000 t-shirts, and, unlike the urban legend, we do not have a bonfire in order to burn shirts from other schools.   Shirts that are traded in are given a second life through textile recycling.

When is Trade Up?

At New Student Orientation, freshmen have the opportunity to Trade Up a high school shirt or donate five dollars in exchange for a brand new Texas State t-shirt. 


Beginning Spring 2019 - Senior Trade Up
Beginning in Spring 2019, seniors will have the opportunity to Trade Up a t-shirt from undergrad or donate to student scholarships, to receive their first "alumni" t-shirt. Seniors will receive a special invitation by email with more information.