Massod Vadiee, ’91

“A pandemic

took me to Europe-

and another brought me

back home – to Texas!”

Massod Vadiee MD. PhD

Three remarkable decades of transdisciplinary career in medicine and public health in two continents has earned Dr Vadiee a deep respect and admirations from his peers, patients, and students alike. Dr Vadiee’s patient care, research, and humanitarian work over the course of years have been recognized by many, including an Honorary Citizenship in Europe and a highly laudatory letter from the US diplomatic circles recognizing his many contributions.

With a rigorous and energetic history of bridging basic science and clinical medicine to improve patients’ lives Dr Vadiee’s unique bench-to-bedside is insightful with an enthusiastic commitment to his discipline. Vadiee completed his Bachelor of Science in pre-medicine and psychology and subsequently pursued an advanced M.D degree (Doctor of Medicine) from the American program at the Karol Marcinkowski Medical Academy and the Baylor College of Medicine with honors. He then entered residency training in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the historic Jagiellonian Medical College followed by a Postdoctoral fellowship in medicine at the Queen Mary-University of London in 2010 culminating to his sub-specialty in geriatric-neurology. Furthermore, Vadiee earned his Ph.D. in biomedicine while investigating the molecular epidemiology of HIV and its transmission dynamics among diverse populations and risk groups in Europe. Dr Vadiee relentlessly underscored the importance multisectoral approach in addressing the East-West prevention and treatment gap and when addressing the underserved, at risk groups and marginalized communities.

“Massod has a special place in his heart for humanity- Dr Vadiee’s colleagues
lauded his work on treating patients with AIDS. His expertise extends beyond Poland and includes both the UK and the United States. Massod is more than a phenomenal physician, researcher, and teacher- we truly need more Dr. Vadiees in the world, serving as medical professionals.’

US Diplomat Dr Patrick Slowinski

In Texas, Vadiee volunteered and later trained in variety of agencies as a public health educator-advocate in HIV/AIDS. In 1994, he launched of the first uniquely organized HIV/AIDS conference at the University of Texas in Austin and as keynote speaker highlighted the dynamics between risk groups and risk environments, reproductive health rights and the interplay of HIV’s molecular epidemiology, mobility, and migration. Dr Vadiee co-founded the first HIV/AIDS prevention and education division at the European Institute of Public Health in Krakow where he taught topic such as evidence-based geriatric medicine, precision Public Health and the EU’s Health Sector Reform.

During the past decade Vadiee’s attention has been focused on the biology of aging and the role of genomic instability, epigenic attrition, mitochondrial dysfunction, stem cell exhaustion that validates the plausibility that correlations may exist with individual susceptibility to neurodegenerative disease. Dr Vadiee, an expert in Covid-19 post-acute sequel known as Long-Covid-19 is interested in how the Covid-19 and its clinical trajectories may have act as an ageing-accelerator and adversely impacting memory, cognition and mobility particularly among the older population. Vadiee believes that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose unprecedented challenges to the aging population, and he cautions that the rise of ageism as a phenomenon during the COVID-19 pandemic remains a formidable challenge to all in the coming decade.

“The Covid-19 pandemic raised the bar

on how we respond to the disruptive forces

and more importantly to the disruption of dignity–

and ageism.”

Massod Vadiee MD. PhD

Dr Massod Vadiee has published in leading scientific journals, a consultant in European Public Health boards and act as the editorial board member and scientific content reviewer for American Geriatrics and gerontology and European neurology journals. Vadiee prides himself on having the mentorship throughout his career from friend and colleague Professor Shashank Joshi (Stanford University) and believes that this unique relationship has been unequivocally key to his personal growth as a physician. Vadiee is a musician and has co-founded the Az kolexion E’ London & Dokumuzik Group, a collective forum on aesthetics and media focusing on Eurasia and Middle East. He has directed and produced several short films and documentaries that have been presented in US and European festivals.

Massod Vadiee