The Fall Ring Celebration will be held on Friday, December 1, 2023.

1:00 -5:00 p.m. | University Events Center 

Class Ring Quick List

  1. Order your Ring at Ring Days or online
  2. Attend the Ring Celebration
  3. Plunge your Ring in San Marcos River water
  4. Celebrate Your Achievement

The Official Ring

The Official Class Ring is reserved exclusively for currently-enrolled graduate students, degree-holding alumni, and undergraduate students who have completed 75 cumulative credit hours. The Ring Celebration is an event reserved exclusively for participation by Bobcats wearing the Official Class Ring, produced by Balfour.

  • The top of the ring features the Texas “lone star” set upon an oak-and-laurel wreath. Around the crown of the ring are the words "Texas State University" and the founding date of 1899.
  • The left side features our original campus building, Old Main, with inner tubes floating by on the beautiful San Marcos River.
  • The right side features the fierce Bobcat athletic logo, designed in 2003 by student Brad Monk. Texas State adopted the Bobcat mascot in 1921.
  • The school flower, the gaillardia, is engraved inside the ring. Also known as the Indian blanket, the gold and maroon flower is the source of Texas State’s school colors.

Ring Celebration

Each semester, hundreds of Bobcats, family, and friends gather at the Ring Celebration to celebrate achieving an academic milestone and receiving the most visible symbol of Bobcat Pride: The Official Texas State Ring.

Getting Ready for the Ring Celebration

Congratulations! You are getting ready to celebrate a major academic milestone with nearly 1,000 fellow Bobcats. We want your special day to be as easy and fun as possible. Due to large crowds, it's important for you and your guests to understand how the Ring Celebration works.

What should I expect?

Ring Celebration is an exciting day! And, it is also a large, crowded and logistically intricate event. At the December 2023 Ring Celebration, nearly 1,000 Bobcats will receive their rings, and about 2,500 additional guests are expected to join them. In order to safely manage the crowd, the entire day is carefully scheduled. Access to the ring pick up area inside the University Events Center is controlled for the ease of your experience and the safety of the rings.

While you are at Ring Celebration, please be aware of your surroundings, listen for announcements and be prepared for the possibility of last-minute changes due to weather or other events beyond our control.

Come Prepared

Don't forget to bring your printed or mobile ticket along with a photo ID to check-in (student ID, driver's license, passport). Rings will only be distributed to ring recipients with proper photo ID. Your mobile tickets will be a PDF attachment in your confirmation email from EventBrite once you register for the event. 

Be on Time

Students will only be permitted entry to the ring pick up area at their designated 15-minute time slot, as verified by their printed or digital ticket. Early arrivals will have access to photo opportunities and concessions while they wait for their time slot. Students that miss their designed time slot will be invited to pick up their ring following the brief speaking program.

Dress the Part

Show off your Bobcat Pride! Make sure to wear festive maroon and gold for thematic pictures capturing this exciting moment. There will be multiple photo opportunities for you and your guests. We encourage you and your guests to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking. The ring plunge official photo will be captured by GradImages. Proofs and information on how to purchase these images will be sent out following the event.

Bring your Squad

Ring recipients are welcome to bring guests to celebrate with them. Guests may accompany you to pick up your ring. Afterwards, your group can continue inside the arena where guests can be seated. Student ring recipients will proceed to the floor of the arena to access the official fountain for the traditional ring plunge.

Please consider how walking distances and large crowds will affect the health, safety, and comfort of your guests.

Ring Celebration Gif

Take the Plunge at the ring fountain

After you receive your ring, you will proceed to the floor of the arena to participate in the official ring tradition: dipping your hand into the fountain of water from the San Marcos River to connect with the spirit and tradition the river has carried through this campus for more than 100 years. After the plunge, you will receive a microfiber ring polishing towel. Please note: family and friends are invited to view the ongoing fountain procession from the seating area inside the arena and cheer when their student reaches the fountain. Waiting times will vary throughout the day. Students are encouraged to leave their belongings with their families when going to the Ring Fountain. GradImages will take photographs of the ring recipients as they dip their hands in the fountain. Proofs and information on how to purchase these images will be sent out following the event.

Share Your Achievement

Once you receive your ring and dip it in our official fountain, you and your guests can share your story with our alumni and fellow students using the hashtag #TXSTRingCelebration.


Parking will be available for Ring Celebration participants and their guests in University Events Center Lot D.  

Please arrive in advance of your reserved time slot to allow time to park and walk to the University Events Center. 

Wearing the Tradition

Wear your new Official Texas State Ring with the words "Texas State University" facing you, so that when you look down at your hand, the words serve as a constant reminder to yourself of your goal to graduate from Texas State. During your commencement ceremony, you will turn your Ring so that the words face outward, proudly declaring your achievement and displaying your Bobcat pride to the world.