Houston Alumni Network
Taylor Smith

Network Leader

Taylor Smith, '15

I'm Taylor Smith, and I'm heading up the Houston Network for Houston-area alumni/alumnae of Texas State University and SWT. I arrived at Texas State in the fall of '08 right after high school and soon found a home in campus involvement with RHA, Student Foundation, Cat Camp, and my proudest contribution, a tour guide for the Visitor's Center. Texas State has always been very special to me, and it truly shaped who I've become as an adult and a professional. Not a day goes by where I don't miss those hills. I earned a B.A. in Mass Comm. - Advertising with a minor in French, and I've been in Houston for a few years now. I currently work for an ad agency based out of NYC.

About Us

Thanks for your interest in the Texas State Alumni Association Houston Network. Whether you're a born Houstonian, a recent transplant, or simply interested in our Network, welcome!

The Houston Alumni Network affords members the opportunity to strengthen the connections alumni have with Texas State University and with each other. Membership is granted to all Texas State and SWT alumni in the Houston The Houston Alumni Network is here to enrich the alumni experience, to help bring alumni closer together, and an opportunity to stay involved connected with the university and current students.

The one thing we for sure have in common is we all called San Marcos home. And there's no shortage of Bobcats in the Bayou City. Your membership to the Houston Alumni Network is automatic if you graduated from Texas State University or SWT—no dues, no registration. Let's get together soon. Our goal is to provide all Houston Alumni an opportunity to connect, get involved, and engage with each other and the university. From the inner loop to the beltway, 99, and beyond, Eat 'Em Up Cats!

Recent Events

Monthly Socials

The Houston Alumni Network hosts monthly socials. Initially, the socials were virtual. We’ve begun offering in-person socials to get Bobcats to reconnect and network. The socials are planned for the end of the month. Keep an eye out for an email invitation or post in our Facebook group.