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The Texas State Class of 2020 is completing their final semester in the midst of a pandemic. We know that Bobcats are resilient and strong and that they will make it through this time with the support of our Bobcat Family. Join the TXST Alumni Association in sending 20 words of support to the Class of 2020 by completing the form below and sharing your well wishes with the newest TXST alumni!

Your submission may be shared on our website and social media channels. If you'd like to join in the conversation on social media yourself, post your words of encouragement using #txst20 and #txstalumni.

This too shall pass. Think back to challenges you’ve faced & overcame. Be proud of your hard work & achievements and keep pushing forward!

Conchita Riva Palacio Cortes
The Woodlands, TX
Class of 2016

Your voice can be your most powerful weapon AND your most effective tool. Use it wisely and with Bobcat Pride!! Congrats Class of 2020

Dr. Flaggs
Atlanta, GA
Class of 2012 & 2018

NOTHING can take away this accomplishment from you! Hold your head up high & carry on!

Anita Respondek
Mission, TX
Class of 1991 & 2019

Just like the beautiful San Marcos river has flown for thousands of years, this too shall flow. Get out there! #itsagreatdaytobeabobcat

Mitchell Plath
Vail, CO
Class of 2014

These times are tough, but Bobcats are tougher! Improvise, adapt and overcome. Congratulations Class of 2020!!

Jessica Tapia
Cibolo, TX
Class of 2015

Stay Bobcat Strong. Remember Bobcats survive because of their strategic allusiveness. We are Bobcat strong and here for you.

Rob Montgomery
College Station, TX
Class of 1984

Find the bright side even on stormy days (i.e., coronavirus, bad day, etc). Put your sunglasses on because your future is bright! Stay safe!

Lynda Baker
Rockville, MD
Class of 1999

Coronavirus will pass! Keep calm and carry on, everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay now, then it’s not the end.

Brookney Hill
San Marcos, TX
Class of 2014

Take this time to celebrate graduating! Enjoy the last bits of freedom! Congrats Class of 2020

Diane Wehmiller
Columbus, IN
Class of 2005

Use this time wisely to evaluate your needs, priorities, and desires. Remember, iron sharpens iron. Get busy making your dreams a reality!

Nicholas Dion
Houston, TX
Class of 2009

Life might seem hectic, or you may feel lost. But know, everything you have accomplished has a purpose and is leading you to your future.

Katelyn Lyman
San Antonio, TX
Class of 2017

This setback is a set up for greatness. Use this time to prepare that your potential may be unleashed. You can’t be stopped!

Lamar Collins
Santa Rosa, CA
Class of 2009

Though it’s been cut short, you will always cherish those Bobcat days. Use this time to love, grow, and be well with your families! We love you!

Rachel Moore
Banner Elk, NC
Class of 2018

This COVID-19 situation is simply a speed bump in your journey, you are bigger than it! Use this time jumpstart your future career.

Deserrae De Leon
Austin, TX
Class of 2012

These are difficult times but it's true when they say that hard times build the foundation for success. You will get through this!

Mark Cunnigham
Austin, TX
Class of 1995

I’m so sorry y’all are being robbed of some special memories. Be sure to find ways to create your own!! Much ❤️

Suzanne Bush
Austin, TX
Class of 2010

Life will continue to throw up roadblocks. How you respond to them is the important thing.

Ren VanderLind
Waldorf, MD
Class of 2018

You should be proud! Your diploma is a ticket to your success... no pomp and circumstance is necessary.  Spread your Bobcat wings and FLY!

Marylee Olson
Pearland, TX
Class of 1984

Congratulations! Never forget that no matter what, nothing can hold a Bobcat back from greatness. Go out, and explore through every door!

Alexandra Garcia
Austin, TX
Class of 2015

Graduation can be a beginning, not an end. Look at it this way and anticipate the excitement of the future!

Karen Jones
Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 1984

Use this time as the building blocks for how you will impact the future not only for yourself, but for the society you wish to live in.

Garrett Prochaska
Austin, TX
Class of 2015 & 2018

Class of 2020 you are resilient, you are innovative, you are spontaneous, and you are determined. Stay strong, stay blessed, stay safe!!

Allison Stewart
Houston, TX
Class of 2016

Be ready for the next steps.  Take this time that’s been given to you and give back.  Be kind and remember where you started from.

Ken Couch
San Antonio, TX
Class of 2017

I know that you feel like you're missing out on the best of your senior year, but we notice you. Welcome to the alumni! Eat ‘em up cats!

Kristy Barnard
Round Rock, TX
Class of 2007

Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened up to you. - The key to all success.

Brandon Harris
Pflugerville, TX
Class of 2012

As you get ready to graduate know that the power of Bobcat PRIDE has your back. You can do whatever you set your mind to do!

Louann Schulze
Mansfield, TX
Class of 1979

Each day is a celebration of not only what you have done but what you have overcome as well. Class of 2020, you will do great things!

Albert Walker
Corpus Christi, TX
Class of 2009 & 2011

Coronavirus will pass. Take lessons from this time and use them to make the future better.

Kathy Perkins
Houston, TX
Class of 1984

Words can't capture the disappointment with the situation affecting your studies & graduation, yet nothing can diminish your accomplishments.

Blanca Navarro
Humble, TX
Class of 1982

Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened! Stay close to your Bobcat friends. And always remember, Eat 'em up Cats!

Bill Campbell
Austin, TX

Hey Bobcats! Remember you’re doing a great job in this adventure called life. Keep standing strong and stay safe!

Madison James
Texas City, Texas
Class of 2015

No matter where you succeed or where you go, always remember “Eat ‘Em Up, Eat ‘Em Up Go cats Go!

Brian Prince
Richardson, TX
Class of 2016

Keep your heads high and embrace your accomplishments. Opportunities await you all. Resilience is a beautiful thing, we will overcome this.

Judson Greene III
Austin, TX
Class of 2013

Class of 2020! Hold your heads high and know that us Bobcats are resilient! The future is in your hands. Congrats & best wishes. Eat ‘em up!

Rico Carlin
Kyle, TX
Class of 2014

The class of 2020 will always be known for their resilience. Wishing good-luck to all my fellow Bobcats! We’re in this together.

Sidhant Chadha
Seattle, WA
Class of 2018

Wishing the class of 2020 the very best. So sorry this happened to your class. Be strong, be brave and be proud congratulations! Eat ‘em up cats!

Henry Hines II
San Antonio, TX
Class of 1993

The first job you get doesn't shape your entire future. Find what is available and determine how it's a stepping stone for what comes next.

Amira Sounny-Slitine
Austin, TX
Class of 2012

Use this time to reflect on how amazing this school is. It’s always a great day to be a BOBCAT!!

Olivia Llana
Manor, TX
Class of 2017

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein.  Your opportunity awaits you....

Kristen Nelson
Floresville, TX
Class of 1991

Anything that tends to make you anxious is a growth opportunity.

Drew Overton
Newark, NJ
Class of 2010

Society is shaped not by the pandemic, but rather how your generation chooses to respond to this brave new world. We await your leadership.

Sean Dozier
San Antonio, TX
Class of 2008

During this time you will find out more about yourself and your strengths and challenges. Use this time to know more about you.

Erika Nielson
San Marcos, TX
Class of 2017

Things can be weird and take time to sort out. Breathe and be flexible. A plan is not concrete but an idea.

Ambrocio Chapa
San Antonio, TX
Class of 2014

Welcome to the Bobcat alumni family! Throw that cap in the air (in your house!). Your future is bright! #texasstateproud

Courtney Fluty
Nixa, MO
Class of 2004

You are graduating at a most unique time.  I am sure you are up to it!

Francis Ebbecke
San Antonio, TX
Class of 1988

Back Our Bobcats

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