Emily (Tejada) ’20 and Nathan Rarangol ’20

Nathan and I met summer of 2018. Nathan was in FIJI and good friends with some of my Chi Onega sisters. Through seeing our mutual friends post pictures and each other would be tagged, we started following each other on social media. Then August 2018, Nathan dm me and we started talking. Our first date involved those mutual friends and we ended up going to Top Golf in Austin. While dating, some of our favorite things to do were going to the baseball/basketball games, going to the Rec together, and going to eat Chuyâ’TMs after class. Fast forward, we were both Spring 2020 graduates. After being in the ROTC program at TXST, upon graduation he was sent to Fort Carson, Colorado. In the midst of a pandemic and freshly graduated, I chose to go with him. In 2021, we got engaged at Lake Travis and in August of 2022 we got married in Austin, Texas! We still currently live in Colorado. Texas State has been a huge part of our story. We got a 2nd dog and her name is Boko. Both our dogs also wear TXST collars. In March of 2022, we traveled all the way to Arizona to watch the TXST baseball team play. We also love to donate and share our TXST joy.