Student Alumni Council (SAC)

What is the Student Alumni Council?

The Student Alumni Council is a new student organization chartered by the Texas State Alumni Association. This group engages Texas State students with the Texas State Alumni Association through philanthropy and engagement, connects them with meaningful avenues for continued university support and provides a clear pathway toward serving as leaders in the alumni community upon graduation.

What Does the Student Alumni Council Do?

The Student Alumni Council acts as a bridge between the current student body and the Alumni Association. The Student Alumni Council supports the initiatives of the Alumni Associations’ Board of Directors and the Young Alumni Council to engage with current students, which includes pride and traditions, leadership development and student philanthropy events and programs. In addition, the Student Alumni Council facilitates key Texas State events such as Step Up for State, Trade Up and the Ring Celebration.

How Do I Become a Member of the Student Alumni Council?

The Student Alumni Council encourages undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and backgrounds to apply to our organization. Membership in the organization requires students to hold full-time enrollment (undergraduate or graduate), a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university. Student Alumni Council members are:

• Enthusiastic and dedicated students who love Texas State
• Interested in making the most of their Texas State experience while building their leadership and interpersonal skills
• Excited to take on the prospect of building a new organization
• Committed to strengthen and support the Bobcat community



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