Colleen (’60) and Fred Willard

Fred first caught Colleen’s eye in 1958 when they were both being recognized at the honors convocation – Colleen for English and Fred for Biology.  When Fred’s name was called, Colleen saw him and thought that he was the type of person she wanted to marry. After that night, Colleen kept tabs on Fred. “Never underestimate the powers of a smitten coed,” she says. One night at the library, Fred stopped by Colleen’s table. They struck up a conversation and he invited her to a barbeque. The two spent as much time as they could together for the last two weeks of the semester. Fred moved to Houston to practice dentistry after that semester and Colleen stayed to finish her degree, after which she joined Fred in Houston. The couple married in 1960. Their 60-year marriage has brought them two children, eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. The City of New Braunfels named Fred a “Living Legend” in 2012, but Colleen still sees the striking young man who caught her eye in 1958. 

Willard 2