2010-2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

178.12 Linda Fields K

Dr. Linda Gregg Fields ('66 & '12)*

Philanthropist for numerous nonprofits and Texas State; essential supporter for the establishment of significant projects for Texas State, including Bobcat Stadium West Side Complex and the Strutters’ Gallery; funded an endowed chair and two Excellence in Professorship Awards

179.12 Kathleen Fite K

Dr. Kathleen Fite ('69 & '70)

Leader in education and lifelong children’s advocate; past board member for the Association for Childhood Education International; named a Gesell International Ambassador; author of two books about the Texas State Strutters

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Dr. Darcy Walsh Hardy ('82 & '83)

Leads a team of nationally recognized experts in higher education, K-12, e-learning and distance education, information technology, open source technologies, outcomes and assessment, and analytics

181.12 Paul Phillips K

Dr. Paul Phillips III ('77)

Colonel in the Army Reserves; served in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan in support of U.S. service members and humanitarian missions


Dr. Jill D. Pruetz ('89)

Specializes in behavior and ecology of primates; one of only nine “Emerging Explorers” named by the National Geographic Society in 2008

183.12 Blake Ratcliff K

S. Blake Ratcliff ('84)

Manager for external integration within the International Space Station (ISS) program, responsible for negotiating and managing multibillion-dollar agreements for goods and services supporting the ISS

2011 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

173.11 Arnold

Connie R. Arnold ('60 & '62)

One of the most respected marine biologists in the nation, and founder of the Fisheries and Mariculture Laboratory at the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas

174.11 Bowman

Micheal E. Bowman ('78)

President of Hunt and Hunt Ltd., a leading producer of tools for the oil and gas industry worldwide

175.11 Chisum Png

Karen A. Chisum ('72 & '78)

Ranked sixth among active NCAA Division I volleyball coaches; coach of the Texas State Bobcat Volleyball team for 33 years

176.11 Foster

Jeff D. Foster ('09)

Former National Basketball Association player for the Indiana Pacers for 13 years

177.11 Kowalski. Png

Thomas R. Kowalski ('78)

President and CEO of Austin-based Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute – leading advocate of the bioscience industry in the state

2010 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

169.10 Burris

Major General John Howard Burris ('56)

Attained highest rank possible during 38 years in the Air Force Reserve, while he maintained his law practice and his ranching business

170.10 Lillibridge

Rt. Rev. Gary Lillibridge ('78)

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, overseeing 90 congregations, 27 schools, 25,000 members, and 200 clergy, as well as world mission partnerships with other countries

171.10 Vernon McDonaldbw

Vernon McDonald ('52 & '54)*

Basketball star as a student and became a legendary basketball coach for the Bobcats

172.10 Daymon Muehl

Daymon Muehl ('61)*

Enjoyed a 34-year career with Humble Oil and Refining Company, ultimately serving as national advertising coordinator for ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest corporations