1998-1999 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1999 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

110.99 Chris Nance Adler 62

Chris Nance Adler ('61)

Founded “Check it Out,” a national breast cancer screening program; elected to CCISD Board of Education, Del Mar College Board, and City Council in Corpus Christi, Texas

111.99 Margaret Dunn 73,75,77

Margaret E. Dunn ('73 & '76)

Developed national educational programs; consultant for federal agencies; served on national and state boards

112.99 H. Harris Goodman 38&40

H. Harris Goodman, Jr. ('38 & '40)*

Immy Award for Lifetime Achievement for pioneering the development of plastics in the automotive industry

113.99 Christopher James 1FF741

Chirstopher James Luna ('65)

First Hispanic Air National Guard officer to serve a four-year tour at the National Guard Bureau

116.99 David F Votaw, Jr 37

David F. Votaw, Jr. ('37)*

Consultant on missile testing, linear programming, and statistical estimation for the U.S. Air Force

114.99 A. Wilson Nolle 38

Wilson Nolle ('38)

Named a fellow in the American Physical Society and Acoustical Society of America for work in the physics of musical instruments

115.99 F. Randall Starbuck 72

F. Randall Starbuck ('71 & '72)

U.S. Air Force general; oversees the preparation and launching of U.S. satellites from Cape Canaveral

1998 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

106.98 Judy S. Bishop 63 & 93

Judy Bishop ('63 & '93)

Received the 1996 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching; education consultant for Creative Publications

107.98 Jesse Luxton 66

Jesse C. Luxon ('66)

President and chief executive officer of National Picture and Frame Company, a major designer of a wide variety of home decor items

108.98 Joanne Mitte 53

Dr. Joann Cole Mitte ('53 & '05)*

Established with her husband the Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte Foundation; educator and lifelong education advocate

109.98 Roger J. Spiller 69

Roger J. Spiller ('69 & '71)*

Only civilian advisor to Operation Desert Storm; first George C. Marshall Distinguished Professor of History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College