1990-1993 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1993 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

79.93 Ponce Heloise Cruse Evans 74

Ponce "Heloise" Cruse ('74)

Nationally known author and syndicated columnist on household hints, whose column runs in more than 500 newspapers

80.93 Jimmy Pappas 56

Jimmy Pappas ('56)

Vice admiral and director of Logistics on the Joint Staff during Operation Desert Storm; coordinated and managed one of the largest Department of Defense logistic operations since WWII

81.93 Chelcie Ross Small.png Edited

Chelcie Ross ('64)

Actor with more than 85 movie/TV credits; three top 10 sports films; Rudy, Hoosiers, Major League; stage career 45 years on three continents; Screen Actors Guild Award

82.93 Robert Skip Rutherford 61

Robert Skip Rutherford ('61)*

Four-star general who served 35 years in the Air Force; commander of Pacific Air Forces, commander- in-chief of the U.S. Transportation Command and commander of Air Mobility Command

83.93 Roy L. Swift 32

Roy L. Swift ('32)*

Chief of the Office of Public Information for Social Security Administration; author of two books on naval history

84.93 Lawrence E. Tilton 57

Lawrence E. Tilton ('58)

President of Lederle Laboratories, leading pharmaceutical company; president of three separate divisions of parent company, American Cyanamic; served on executive committee and chaired several industry associations

1992 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

73.92 Esther Broome 29 & 43

Esther Broome ('43)*

Led the research that developed flammability standards for mattresses and clothing and developed care labeling for textiles

74.92 Thomas Carter 73

Thomas Carter ('74)

Three-time Emmy-winning director, actor, and producer; received Directors’ Guild Award and George Foster Peabody Award

75.92 Charles H. Farmer 63

Charles Farmer ('63)*

Professor applied mathematics, ACE Fellow, Academic VP University of Tulsa; head of technology base for design Stealth Aircraft General Dynamics/ Lockheed Martin

76.92 George J. Garza, Sr 34 & 40

George J. Garza, Sr. ('34 & '40)*

Chief educator advisor for the U.S. Department of State; president, League of United Latin American Citizens

77.92 Marvin O. Teague 54 & 57

Marvin O. Teague (54 & '57)*

Judge for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals; consultant to Matthew-Bender Law Book Company; practiced before the U.S. Supreme Court

78.92 Larry Wright 56 & 61

Larry Wright ('56 & '90)

Vice president and director of operations for Dow Chemical, USA; member of the U.S. Area Operating Board and Corporate Management Committee

1990 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

70.90 Clovis Barker 58

Clovis Barker ('58)

A leader in Texas banking organizations as well as in a variety of local civic and professional organizations

71.90 Jack L. Martin Bw.png Edited

Jack L. Martin ('73)

Serves as chairman and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a global communications firm with 87 offices in 49 countries; served as chairman of the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System; also served as executive assistant to Senator Lloyd Bentsen

72.90 J. Edwin Smith 33

J. Edwin Smith ('33)*

Handled the court case outlawing primaries that excluded African Americans; argued before the U.S. Supreme Court