1984-1989 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1989 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

67.89 Barry Andrews 69

Barry Andrews ('69)

Owner of Andrews Distributing Company; served in numerous capacities through various industry organizations and is politically active in support of the industry within the state of Texas and nationally

68.89 William C. Newberry 53

William C. Newberry ('53)*

Nationally known motivational and humorous speaker and writer; recognized by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals

89 Emmett Shelton, Sr. 25 Edited

Emmett Shelton, Sr. ('25)*

Land planner for city of West Lake Hills and the Emmett Shelton Bridge, which connected the city with Austin; oral history scholar; attorney; poet

1988 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

65.88 Powers Boothe 70 BWSmall

Powers Boothe ('70)*

Emmy Award-winning actor in film, television, and theater; 1981 NATO New Star of the Year; Texas Film Hall of Fame; Walk of Western Stars; Golden Boot Award

88 York Willbern 34 Edited

York Willbern ('34)*

President of the American Society for Public Administration; Phi Beta Kappa; American Political Science Association

1987 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

62.87 Gerald Hill 70

Gerald Hill ('70)

State of Texas representative, District
49; named one of Texas Monthly’s 10 Best Legislators; national director of Jaycees

63.87 W.C. Perry 38

W. C. Perry ('38)*

Leadership role at all levels of the Student Personnel Association; vice president for Student Affairs at Baylor University

64.87 Roy Willbern 38, 42, & 87

Roy Willbern ('38, '44 & '87)*

Attorney; established San Jacinto Savings Association; widely published in Christian education; noted speaker

1986 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

59.86 Richard B. Henderson 49

Richard B. Henderson ('49)*

Author of award-winning biography Maury Maverick, recognized as an established model for political biographies; professor

60.86 Vann M. Kennedy 25

Vann M. Kennedy ('25)*

Served on National Association of Broadcasters committees; CBS Television Affiliates Advisory Board; founded Corpus Christi Broadcasting Company

61.86 George Strait 79

Dr. George Strait ('79 & '06)

Internationally known singer, actor, and country music entertainer; named the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music

1985 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

58.85 William Henry Norris 40

William "Henry" Norris ('40)*

Nationally known biologist and educator; chairman of the American Society of Plant Physiologists; president, Conference of Academic Deans

1984 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

57.84 Burnard S. Biggs 27

Burnard S. Biggs ('27)*

Vice president in charge of the Livermore branch of the Sandia Corporation; helped produce a general-purpose synthetic rubber