1980-1983 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1983 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

54.83 L. Joe Berry 30

L. Joe Berry ('30)*

Internationally known medical microbiologist; authority on interactions of infective microorganisms and their hosts; widely published

55.83 Sadie Ray Powell Graff 43

Sadie Ray Powell ('43)*

Who’s Who Among American Educators; president of Council of International Relations working with military bases and universities

56.83 John Mack Prescott 41

John Mack Prescott ('41)*

Widely noted for his research in the chemistry and metabolism of amino acids and proteins; dean of the College of Science at Texas A&M University

1982 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

51.82 Wallace D. Dockall 48 & 49

Wallace D. Dockall ('48 & '49)*

President and CEO of the Texas Education Foundation; developed a computerized national development center for educators; two-time All- American football player at Texas State

52.82 Roy F. Mitte 53 & 56

Dr. Roy F. Mitte ('53, '58, & '08)*

Founder of Financial Industries Corporation, a group of national insurance companies; donated millions to Texas State University

53.82 Russell G. Vliet 52

Russell G. Vilet ('52 & '53)*

Award-winning playwright, poet, and novelist; Rockefeller Fellow in fiction and poetry; Dobie-Paisano resident in fiction

1981 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

39.81 J.H.U. Brown 39

J.H.U. Brown ('39)*

Developed the concept of biomedical engineering, the application of engineering principles to the medical field; developed drugs still used in cancer treatment

49.81 Ella SoRelle Porter 30

Ella Sorelle Porter ('30)*

President of Kappa Delta Pi; first woman administrator in Houston ISD; math teacher; helped organize the Houston Council of Teachers of Mathematics

50.81 Don Rains 66

Don Rains ('66)

Served as Texas State representative for District 45; served in leadership roles in numerous civic organizations

1980 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

36.80 William L. Deck 39 & 40

William L. Deck ('39 & '40)*

One of the first to develop a course of study to reflect electricity/electronics technology in industrial arts

37.80 John Abe Houston 34 & 42

John "Abe" Houston ('34 & '42)*

Numerous national awards from Lions International; WWII veteran; city of Waco’s first personnel director

38.80 Tomas Rivera 58 & 64

Tomás Rivera ('58 & '64)*

Internationally known author; set the standard for contemporary Mexican- American literature; chancellor at the University of California; professor