1976-1979 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1979 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

33.79 R.H. Bing 35

R.H. Bing ('35)*

Award of Distinguished Service in 1974 by the Mathematical Association of America; president of the American Mathematical Society

34.79 James A. Littleton 49

James A. Littleton ('49)*

Presented seminars to National Association of Basketball Coaches; two- time Texas High School Coach of the Year

35.79 Yancy P. Yarbrough 24

Yancy P. Yarbrough ('24)*

Held state and national offices in Secondary Principals Association; educator; school administrator; San Marcos High School principal

1978 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

31.78 Emory D. Bellard 49

Emory D. Bellard ('49)*

Received Academy of American Football award as the inventor of the wishbone offense; named Coach of the Year by The Sporting News

32.78 Leon Kelly Frels

Leon Kelly Frels ('66)

President of National Organization on Legal Problems of Education; chairman of the National School Board Association, Council of School Attorneys

1977 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

28.77 Joe Frazier Brown 38

Joe Frazier Brown ('38)*

Judge, Texas Supreme Court; Texas Criminal Justice Council; National Advisory Council; prominent in establishing National Corrections Academy

29.77 Claud H. Kellam 24

Claud H. Kellam ('23)*

Helped organize the Texas High School Coaches Association; member, Hall of Honor, Texas High School Coaches Association

30.77 Leslie McDonald 21

Leslie C. McDonald ('21)*

Held offices in national and state Retired Teachers Association; World War I veteran; educator; school administrator

1976 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

24.76 Lewis Gilcrease 53&55

Lewis Gilcrease ('53 & '55)*

Became the first Southwest Texas graduate to be drafted into the National Basketball Association, in 1953 to the Boston Celtics

27.76 Henry Pochmann 23

Henry Pochmann ('23)*

Founder and chairman of the American Literature Group of the Modern Language Association; authority on American and German- American literature

25.76 Sidney C. Hughes 39

Sidney C. Hughes ('39)*

Responsible for maintaining and staffing LBJ’s Texas White House; served on the General Service Commission

26.76 Jerry L. Moore, Sr. 48& 51

Jerry L. Moore, Sr. ('48 & '51)*

Numerous national awards and national Top Club President, Southwestern Life Insurance; lifetime member, Million Dollar Round Table; noted educator; founder, Central Texas Higher Education Authority