1972-1975 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1975 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

21.75 John T. Dailey 36

John Dailey ('36)*

Developed behavioral profile for airline hijackers for the Federal Aviation Administration; received the FAA Flight Safety Award in 1972

22.75 Debs Hensley 41

Debs Hensley ('41)*

Regional director of personnel for the U.S. Postal Service, responsible for a territory that included five states

23.75 Henry Pete Shands 24

Henry "Pete" Shands ('24)*

Lifetime member of Texas State Teachers Association; named to the Helms Hall of Fame for outstanding basketball achievement

1974 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

17.74 C.E. Curley Doyle 31 & 40 Copy

C.E. "Curley" Doyle ('31 & '40)*

U.S. Air Force colonel and chief of Publicity Division at the Pentagon during the Korean conflict; member of National Youth Administration

21.75 John T. Dailey 36

Bryan Wildenthal ('25)*

General assistant to the director of operations of the American Red Cross during WWI; president of Angelo State College and Sul Ross State College

18.74 Bertha Leifeste 30

Bertha Leifeste ('30)*

Pioneer in the field of early childhood education; developed various programs for the National College of Education

19.74 Joseph T. Roberts 29

Joseph T. Roberts ('29)*

Senior medical consultant to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C.; heart specialist

1973 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

12.73 Fred W. Adams 12

Fred W. Adams ('12)*

President and chairman of the Adams Extract Company, founded by his father; established the campus newspaper, The Normal Star (now The University Star) in 1911

15.73 John G. Flowers 13

John G. Flowers ('13)*

One of the founders and president of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education; third president of Southwest Texas State College

13.73 Harper H. Bass 35

Harper H. Bass ('35)*

Served on General Agents’ National Executive Committee for Massachusetts Mutual Insurance; president of the Texas Association of Life Underwriters

16.73 J.R. Bob Thornton 34 Copy

J.R. "Bob" Thornton ('34)*

Member of the San Antonio branch of the Federal Reserve; held various offices in state professional organizations

14.73 Jack Edwards 43

Jack Edwards ('43)*

President of the Oral Rehabilitation Seminar of the Southwest; recipient of the 1954 Cooley Award; president of the Texas Academy of General Dentistry

1972 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

10.72 Raymond Cavness 25

Raymond Cavness ('25)*

District governor of Rotary International; Who’s Who in America; helped change Angelo State University from a two-year school to a four-year school

11.72 Milton Jowers 35

Milton Jowers ('35 & '40)*

Member of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame; basketball and football coach at Southwest Texas from 1946-1972