1959-1970 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1970 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

9.70 Farley Peebles 46

Farley Peebles ('46)*

The American most decorated by the government of South Vietnam; awarded the Anglo-American Award three times by the U.S. Ambassador to England

1969 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

8.69 Walter H. Richter 38

Walter Richter ('38 & '39)*

Regional director of the Office of Economic Opportunity; state senator; social policy expert; trustee of State Colleges and Universities Board

1967 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

6.67 Willard Deason 30

Willard Deason ('30)*

Appointed by LBJ to the Federal Interstate Commerce Commission; helped organize the Texas Association of Broadcasters; teacher

7.67 Robert Montgomery 13

Robert Montgomery ('16)*

Chief of economic objectives of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Brain Trust” during World War II; professor and lecturer for 50 years

1966 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

4.66 Roy J. Beard, Jr. 13

Roy J. Beard, Jr. ('13)*

Owner of Star Engraving Company; established the Roy J. Beard Educational Art Foundation, which provided scholarships for art students

5.67 Carr P. Collins 09

Carr P. Collins ('10)*

Founder and chairman of Fidelity Union Life Insurance; director of the United Negro College Fund; president of the Baptist Foundation of Texas

1965 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

3.65 Jesse C. Kellam 23

Jesse C. Kellam ('23)*

Succeeded boyhood friend LBJ as National Youth Administration director; one of three founders of the Texas High School Coaches Association

1963 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

2.63 Mamie Brown 19

Mamie Brown ('19)*

First person to graduate from Southwest Texas Normal College; she received three permanent teaching certificates from the Normal

1959 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

1.59 Lyndon B. Johnson 30

Dr. Lyndon B. Johnson ('30 & '62)*

36th president of the United States; as president, Johnson returned to the Southwest Texas campus to sign the Higher Education Act of 1965