The Texas State community is comprised of exceptional students, first-rate teachers and accomplished alumni who make us proud. Each year, we recognize select Bobcats and their remarkable contributions with Alumni Association awards.

Awards Winners 2022 31
Awards Winners 2022 20

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

The Young Alumni Rising Star Award honors alumni who have completed a minimum of 30 hours at Texas State University and are under the age of 40. Recipients of this award demonstrate a level of excellence that positively represents the University. They inspire current students and other recent graduates, to excel in their work and recognize the important impact of their experience as a student at Texas State.

LBJ Outstanding Senior Student Award

The LBJ Outstanding Senior Student Award recognizes current students who demonstrate leadership, character, campus and community involvement, and academic success.

Arianna Apodaca
Lynn Denton receives the Teaching Award of Honor from President Trauth and Alumni Association President Cindy Williams

Teaching Award of Honor

This prestigious award recognizes, encourages, and rewards superior Texas State classroom teachers, including professors, lecturers, associate professors, assistant professors and instructors.

Denise M. Trauth Outstanding Leadership Award

The Denise M. Trauth Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes those who lead through integrity, compassion, resiliency, and innovation, thereby carrying forward the legacy of Texas State's ninth president, Dr. Denise M. Trauth.

Awards Winners 2022 28