Luke (’17), Dane (’14) and Spencer (’15) Adamson

Alumnus Luke Adamson and his brothers, also Bobcats, have found a creative way to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Luke, a 2017 graduate with a degree in business marketing, is one of five brothers who work at Adamson Brothers Design, a custom design and fabrication studio off Wonder World Drive in San Marcos. The business began as the Rio Board Co. when the brothers were still students at Texas State making wooden skateboards for profit. Adamson Brothers Design came to fruition when Luke and brothers, Dane (B.S. ’14) and Spencer (B.S. ‘15), developed the business into a more comprehensive effort, and tried their hands at making furniture as well.

 When some businesses began to shut down due to the coronavirus, the Adamson’s noticed a decline in the projects being offered to them. It was then that Dane came to Luke and Spencer with the idea of constructing protective screens for Texas businesses. The screens, which are made of acrylic plexiglass supported by a wooden frame, are being sold to businesses in Central Texas in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The result has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Luke says that businesses have been very grateful to have the screens and that they are making a big difference.

When asked about his advice for business owners during this unprecedented time, Luke emphasizes the importance of figuring out a way to help people while simultaneously helping business. He notes that it is imperative to do what is feasible, even if that means pivoting and doing something out of the norm. While it can be difficult for small business owners, it is necessary to be flexible and try to cut costs where possible to eventually get a business back on its feet. “Find a problem and solve that problem, that will be the biggest impact,” Luke says.  

Post-pandemic, Adamson Brothers Design hopes to expand their current business and reach into the events industry. They hope to hire more Texas State students as their company grows and take on bigger projects. In the meantime, the brothers will continue doing what they can to support the community, while also providing an inspiring example of the Texas State spirit and what it means to be a Bobcat.

Story written by Kelly Youngs and originally published in the Texas State University Newsroom on May 28, 2020.

The Adamson brothers pose with their protective screens