"The art of tailgating can be described as a delicate balance between fandom and celebration.  It is an event that does what nothing else can: It brings together sports and eating.  There is something about the combination of friends, family, food and beverages that excites fans like few other things can." - American Tailgater Association

Away Tailgates:

  • Price: To offset the costs of hitting the road, away tailgates are priced according to the location and level of services provided.  We will request that you pre-register online so we can get a better estimate for food and beverages.  On-site check-in is required at our maroon Alumni Association tents.  Check back for more information on the 2015 tailgate schedule closer to the season.
  • Location: We arrange for a maroon and gold oasis, complete with a large tent, tables and chairs in the most convenient location the home team will allow.  Directions and maps will be provided for away tailgates.  If we are unable to secure a tent, we will find a space in a local restaurant.
  • Game Tickets: On your own.  The Texas State Ticket Office orders limited quantities from our opponent.  Order early to ensure you are sitting with other Bobcats, otherwise you may need to contact the opposing team to order your ticket.  We usually bring a limited amount of tickets to sell at the tailgate for last minute guests.
  • Alcohol: Please leave your coolers at home.  Beverages are included in the cost of your registration and served by certified bartenders to keep our tailgates safe and fun.  Valid 21+ photo ID required for alcohol service. 
  • Swag: Gear up with our giveaways - koozies, fans, beads, and more!
  • Hotel: On your own.  Watch your email inbox for announcements regarding group blocks. 


Home Tailgate Info:

  • Opens: Exactly three hours before kickoff | Last Call: 30 minutes before kickoff
  • Location: TBA for 2015
  • Parking: TBA for 2015


Fall 2015 Schedule
In Progress